so long, 2018! hello, 2019!

happy holidays from the bodebroz gang

In 2018, we entered what Hinduism calls the grihastha (householder) phase of life, and what many of our American friends call "adulting". Namely, three big things happened:

Bodebroz Gothic

american gothic 2018

We got married (again) 🎉

After many months of planning, it happened! We're still incredibly thankful to everyone who could make it (and we can't wait to see those who couldn't, whether here in the US or elsewhere!).

For those that couldn't make it, and those that want to relive the day (or had a bit too much fun to remember the day...), here's a link to the pics.

Thank you, again, to Grandma Pat and Barney for all their help with setting everything up! We couldn't have done it without you!

Brizzo got a bun in the oven

brizzo got a bun in the oven

Angela's pregnant 🍼

We're expecting a baby girl in mid-February 2019! Current reports from our doctors are that she's doing well, and we can't wait to meet her.

For now, it seems like she spends 90% of the time sleeping (so, she's definitely related to Potato), and the remaining 10% practicing somersaults, extreme yoga, and judo kicks.

We've been calling her Blueberry, but the clock is ticking on picking an actual, legal name for her.

Bodebroz Gothic


We bought a house 😱

i.e. We became literal householders. To accommodate the newest, tiniest BodeBroz-on-the-way, we decided to bite the bullet and move out of our rented apartment (so long, Adams Morgan) and buy a bigger place (hello, Takoma Park)!

This will give Blueberry and Potato ample napping and running-around-shrieking space. The DC real estate market is crazy, but - thankfully - the process moves very quickly, so the pain was brief. The most exciting part of the house is that, for the first time ever, we have a guest room. So, please come visit!

Jenga Angela

Daughter Ambroz + Jenga.

Spongebob Andy

The best picture of the Ambroz siblings. Circa 2003.

Big Sur

Honeymoon in Big Sur.


Jan 1, 2018: Angela repeatedly crushes Max at Street Fighter.

other notable things that happened this year

Potato Max

Potato and Max brainstorming project ideas.

Jenga Dad

Papa Ambroz + Jenga.

sad max

Max enjoying the Charles Shultz museum.

Max's Bday

Max's birthday! L-R: Max, Sam, Rachna, Nikhil, and Radhika.

we wish you all a joyful, healthy, and successful 2019!